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God shows me things from time to time that I have not developed into a teaching yet. He recently showed me one such thing as I read Hebrews. In chapter 2 verse 14 the writer of Hebrews tell us how Jesus became flesh and blood (a man) like us so that, by dying, He could (according to most English translations)"destroy" the one who had the power of death (Satan), thus taking away our fear of death. The Greek word translated as "destroy" (katargeo) actually means "to make of no effect" or "to become powerless." So this verse is actually saying Jesus took the power out of Satan's hands. The book of Revelation says in chapter 1, verse 18 Jesus now has the keys of death. If these verses are true, Satan lost his power the instant Jesus took it at the cross, and he now has none. But what he does have is deception, for in another verse, 2 Corinthians 11:14 AMP, he is said to masquerade as an angel of light. Please note, though, even before Satan lost his power to Christ he was required to ask God for permission to do what he does (Luke 22:31,32 and Job 1:6-12). Check out my articles on Satan. I hope this helps clarify this scripture.


I have another gem for you from my studies. I strongly believe the scriptures answers any questions of importance we have about them. In my reading I came across Isaiah 9:15 that reads, ". . . the prophet that teaches lies, he is the TAIL." I immediately thought of, and made the connection to Revelation 12:4 that says, "His TAIL drew a third of the stars of heaven." If the TAIL is a prophet (or prophets) that teaches lies to the "stars of heaven," who are these stars? Could they be members of the Church - a part of the great falling away, mentioned in 2 Thess. 2:3? After all, we are now in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:6). Paul mentions these heavenly places 5 times in this letter. We are the seed of Abraham, and, perhaps, the "stars of heaven," too.(Hebrews 11:12)

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