Satan's Purpose

There is a reason for the devil!

It is because there has to be an opposition to the man of God in order for that man to come forth in the image of God. There has to be the furnace of fire to perfect him in order for him to come forth with all the glory of a son of God. Without this he could not be any more than what Adam was in the beginning—one who had not been tried, who was innocent, who was pure, who was full of light. But until he was tried; until he had been tested; until he had resisted opposition; until he had put his foot on the head of his enemy he could not truly be in the full image of the Son of God.

A great saint of God from the 1800’s, George Mueller, wrote:

"Difficulties, limitations, hindrances, bereavements and losses, though we shrink exceedingly from them, are the very agencies that God uses to cause us to grow. As an infant has its limbs developed by means of exercise and nourishment until ultimately they possess the power of a man’s so, in a spiritual sense, is the Christian made strong by adversity. I am not one who believes that we can attain to strong faith instantly, any more than I would affirm that a weak infant can spring into manhood at once. Our faith which is feeble at first, is strengthened more and more by use."

By necessity there had to be a destroyer to destroy out of the man of clay all there that was not in the image of God. For God put His image in that piece of clay, but there was also that which would not yield and submit to God, so God brought forth the waster to waste and destroy that which was not of God.

When Adam gave up his birthright by yielding to temptation he became the rightful food or victim of Satan. For God cursed Adam and said, “For DUST you are, And to dust you shall return.” (Gen.3:19) And God told Satan, in the context of cursing those involved, “you shall eat DUST all the days of your life.” (Gen.3:14) It is spiritually discerned that the Adamic nature is Satan's food. Our battle with Satan is primarily for our minds; our souls. But please know this: the Church inherits the right to no longer be Satan’s food by the mighty work of Jesus’ death ,burial and resurrection, and our rebirth into the Body of Christ! The Church overcomes Satan“by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony....” (Rev.12:11) That testimony is yielding to God everything we are so that He may be glorified. It is necessary for us to be tried .

Lets look at Song of Songs 4:16. The writer says that his bride is his garden. He says the bride is the garden where he comes to eat his precious fruits. There is a metaphor here; a parable for the Church. The Church of Jesus Christ is the garden of the Lord. But in order for the Church to yield its spices; in order for the fragrance to come out of the Church, there not only has to blow the soft south wind on the garden, but the cold, bitter winds of opposition from the north. This must happen in order to bring the proper fragrance and fruit out of that garden. Now, we would rather have the devil be bound and life to be pleasant and nice, and all things to be good things. And we think we would really live a Christian life then. But we would preserve that Adamic life, a selfish fruit that would not be of the image of God. God knows how to bring the fruit that is of the image of Himself out of his garden. The soft south wind of the Holy Spirit lifts the Church into his presence, but it is also true that it takes the bitter cold north wind to finish the work and to put muscles on His Church to bring them forth as a great army which will deliver mankind from their Adamic life.

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