Who is Lucifer?

If Satan is not Lucifer , then who is?

The Amplified Bible has a note for Isa. 14:12 that states some students feel that the name of Lucifer to designate Satan is erroneous. In context the verse is talking about the king of Babylon, but I do believe in a broad meaning of the verse. I believe, in the broad spectrum of prophecy that the verse could very well be speaking of Adam. Whoa, Tex! Before you go off the deep end and start screaming at me that it just cannot be, consider the following. Please notice in vs. 16 this scripture is talking about a MAN. The only place in Scripture that Satan is ever mentioned as a man is when Jesus refers to him, in a parable, as the strong man of the house that has to be bound (Mark 3:26,27). He is never directly called a man!

Adam fits the description of “morning star” in Isaiah 14 much better than Satan ever will.

Let’s see why.

Jesus is called the Morning Star (sound familiar?) in Revelation 22:16 and he promises the “morning star” to His saints, the overcoming Church (2 Peter 1:19, Rev.2:28). You see, this is a position, a title, one that Adam lost and the Church will regain. The Church is to grow and mature to the point of adoption by God where she will be God’s morning star. What does this title mean? What does it signify? Have any ideas? I do not know. It may be one of the mysteries that will be revealed at his coming.

So pride welled up in Adam’s heart when he was convinced to rebel against God’s will by Eve’s persuasion. Adam, you would not permit your prisoners to return home. The whole human race has become prisoners to sin because of what Adam did! What home are we not permitted to return to? To that home that belongs to us in Christ, heavenly places in the Lord, that home of perfection, of immortality, of that image of Christ. Only through Jesus Christ can we obtain that home. Everything else is a temporary dwelling place.

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